Certificates of quality

Quality has always been considered, here at the Oleificio Coppini Angelo S.p.A., as the main constituent necessary to realize a healthy product, with excellent organo-leptic and chemical-physical characteristics.

In 1998 the Company was one of the first ones, in the Umbria region, to obtain the ISO 9000 certificate and nowadays it proudly has the ISO 9001/2008 certificates, which was obtained through a continuous hardwork on internal procedures and products checkings.

There is a polyvalent lab inside the Company that daily makes precise analysis on products, in order to guarantee health and quality to the final customer.

The Oleificio Coppini Angelo S.p.A. offers its Organic Oil to customers who are careful to an healthy diet and only look for organic products. Our organic product is certified and controlled during all production steps.

Our main goal is to always satisfy our Customers requests. This is why we achieved the Halal certificate in 2012 and the EU Kosher certificate in June 2014, so as to offer the best products following all the standards required from both certificates and regulations.

In 2015 the company focused on a new challenge for its customers demanding the highest quality standards, and successfully achieved two new international certifications: IFS and BRC.