Participation in the ANUGA 2019 and SUMMER FANCY FOOD 2019 fair was carried out with the support of the “POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.3.1 – Public Notice for Participation in International Fairs 2019” funds amounting to € 8.101,40

Coppini Think Green, dal Cuore Verde d’Italia…


OLEIFICIO COPPINI SPA Participation at international fairs in 2018 SIAL PARIS and SUMMER FANCY FOOD NEW YORK. OBJECTIVES: Expansion of market shares in France and the USA, Greater visibility and recognition of the corporate brand abroad, Research partners. RESULTS: increasing business relationships. Intervention carried out with the support of the Funds “POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.3.1 – Public Notice for Participation Internationalization Project 2018.

Coppini Think Green, dal Cuore Verde d’Italia…

ANUGA 2017

L’intervento è stato realizzato con il sostegno dei Fondi “POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.3.1 – Avviso Pubblico per partecipazione a Fiere Internazionali 2017”

Coppini Think Green, dal Cuore Verde d’Italia…

SIAL 2016

La partecipazione alla fiera è stata realizzata con il contributo di Regione Umbria e Sviluppumbria, a valere su fondi comunitari (POR FESR 2014 – 2020)

Coppini Think Green, dal Cuore Verde d’Italia…


La partecipazione alla fiera è stata realizzata con il contributo di Regione Umbria e Sviluppumbria, a valere su fondi comunitari (POR FESR 2014 – 2020)

Coppini Think Green, dal Cuore Verde d’Italia…

“Rebranding project carried out with the support of the Funds” POR FESR 2014-2020 – Asse III – Azione 3.3.1.- AVVISO PUBBLICO VOUCHER PER SERVIZI CONSULENZIALI -2020″ equal to € 6,000.00″

The Internationalization Project of the Coppini Company and the repositioning of the wide range of products, is composed of: the rebranding of the Coppini company logo and therefore of a new interpretation of the creativity and identity of product lines.

The goal is to improve the company’s presence in foreign markets already covered and adjust the strategies to new markets and prospective channels. The design innovation of the different products of the Company are aimed at responding to a foreign market’s demand, each with specific requests: in particular, about packaging and label design, all that aimed at satisfying the best understanding of the product and its use. Therefore, its appeal has to be optimized according to the Country and audience target.


POR FESR 2014-2020. Sportello 2016  for Digital innovation on SME


EXECUTIVE DECISION N. 4358 DATED 30/05/2016 (approved in execution of D.G.R. n. 369/2016 e D.G.R. n. 566/2016)

Cloud management system

Our IT organization had systems and operating functions to be managed by softwares set in the company  computers and on a central computer server.

The staff mobility, the need to access anytime at the company data and the need to delocalize managing systems were the reason why we’ve decided to choose a Cloud management system for our company.

To move the management system outside of the company makes it easier to approach the application and the company data from anywhere, even from outside of the company, optimizing times when on business trips. The applications are not to be physically set on the single computer, because we now use “web based” managed applications, using remote management technologies.

This technology allowed an economy of scale on the used facilities and to use high performance servers located in server farms managed and highly secured, with controlled temperatures and  broadband internet.

Our venue offers a real fast connection in fiber optics, aside a back-up connection, that allows to make the most out of the cloud facility and not to miss a and regret the traditional system.

Remote backup system

Our cloud back-up system pairs our traditional back-up system base on procedure which were consolidated in time.  Our virtual datacenter, based on Vmware technologies, completes its functions with a remote back-up system that overgoes the limits of the traditional back up.

In details, cloud system is based on back-up processes and scheduled replication through web interface For eache backup it is possible to manage recovering points, rounding either on a daily, weekly or monthly base. All back-up processes are ‘forever – incremental’ type and they use Vmware CBT (Change Block Tracking) to rapidly identify modified data and to fasten up settings’ updates.

The system allows to send back-up copies out of venue, in the private cloud, to link back up pasting processes to backup processes, to create copies in previously scheduled time, to keep copies in a back up database or to copy only the most important back up, to copy recovering points, to send specific backup sets out of venue.

The system offers the possibility to verify the saved backup and to make VM recovery tests when the network is shut off. Reports are sent by email to confirm tests’ results.

The system automatically deduplicates the back up resulting data at block level in a whole backup archive saving only the unique data blocks. This allows to drastically reduce the  back up files’ sizes, saving storage space.

Regarding the restoring of the data it is possible to  instantly restore the VM, file and the applications’ objects directly from compressed and deduplicated back up. Immediate restore is ready to be used for all the VM back up and does not need to execute a complete back up restore.

E-commerce system

Cloud e-commerce system pairs our selling tradional channels and offer the advantage to automize the collecting of the orders.

At the the store, we have an extra instrument to interact with the customer, through front end, contact sheets, reviews and reserved area.

Managing the catalogue allows to directly and autonomously  insert products from the back-end, together with the payment terms and delivery terms.

The system allows to independently manage the warehouse; in our case we set a dedicated warehouse to manage the orders coming from the platform.

An efficient managing of sales’ statistics , the most seen products, best sold products, complete the system, giving the real idea of what’d been done.