Our company is happy to join the “School-environment” project, believing in the importance of increasing the youth awareness about the environment defence.

What everyone should know is that the correct disposal of the consumed olive oil of fried, cooked or pickled food, allows:

1) to fully recover the consumed olive oil and transform it into a new significant resource (thanks to a regeneration process, it becomes a rough substance which is fully recyclable and usable for the production of many products such as the Biodiesel, glues, inks, soaps, etc.);

2) to make economy on the maintenance of both domestic drainage and purification plants (that otherwise are damaged by this viscous substance that is used to remain glued in the drain ducts).

To not correctly dispose this residue causes irreparable damages to the environment. Join us avoiding this!

Coppini Think Green new line, the eco-friendly project

Nowadays, by choosing Coppini Olive Oils, you choose a completely Green world!
With the new line Coppini Think Green, the Company moves on to taking other pollution-reduction steps.
It chooses a 70% recycled glass bottle, thus reducing CO2 emissions, and FSC certified labels. Moreover it solely uses boxes which are lead-free, mercury-free, cadmium-free and without hexavalent chromium and that do not contain any flame retardant, harmful for the environment. Caps are made of alluminium and plastic and are 100% recyclable, and LDPE collation shrinking film is made of 50% recycled polymer.

Coppini: Think Green, from the Heart of Italy…