To cherish our customers making the most genuine olive oils by combining our family tradition and know-how with modern technologies.


To promote Extra Virgin Olive Oil culture throughout the world to better life conditions and contribute to good health.


Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Savour the taste of life.


  • To satisfy our customers is our main goal: we try our best to listen and fulfill their needs.
  • To deserve our customers’ trust day by day.
  • To build and develop long-terms business relationships through constant care and excellent products.
Innovation and tradition
  • To carefully research the most innovative high technologies in full respect of our family and land tradition.
  • To always accept and consider new ideas, in order to develop them in great successes.
Moral integrity
  • To be loyal and trustworthy.
  • To always try to do the right thing.
  • To enjoy being part of a team.
  • To focus on our problem solving skills.
  • To respect everyone’ work.
  • To praise and to focus on each one’ strength in order to achieve the most from it.
  • To be able to deal with all kinds of situations in the best and most productive way.
  • To improve our Company day by day using each other’s strenghts and competencies in the team.
Hygiene and health care
  • To guarantee the highest health care and food higiene during production, carefully following HACCP plan.
  • To produce healthy food and products for all our customers in the world.
Respect for the environment
  • To prevent any environmental damage by carefully following strict rules regarding the recycling of all our materials.
  • To always keep updated and informed regarding the latest info in order to find the most innovative ways to green energy.