Oleificio Coppini Angelo Spa produces its high quality extra virgin olive oils, and the 100% Italian cold extracted extra virgin olive oil excelling among them, thanks to the long experience in the oil field, to the family tradition, the high technologies and the proper know-how.

The head office carefully supervises and promotes all processes and activities, aiming to achieve the following highest results regarding food and product safety and to obtain a safe, ethical and eco-friendly working place:

  • To satisfy the customer’s request and expectations supplying a product which meets standards and requirements.
  • To determine and establish different and specific goals for the different branches and offices involved in the production process, defining responsibilities and timings to achieve them.
  • To accomplish and maintain the prescribed quality service through the correct use of human resources, means and materials, always aiming for an improving process.
  • To measure the results of the quality, of the environment and of the safety on working places, through index monitoring and measurements on goals and achievements.
  • To give value to our human resources and their professional growth through the definition of training programs.
  • To integrate monitoring controls during the production process in order to prevent product contaminations; to respect health and hygienic rules and to preserve the product identity
  • To duly act strictly following rules, National and International laws, and regulations for food industries.
  • To promote workers’ safety and ethical aspects through a continuous bettering process and careful attention to the workers’ prevention, protection and safety regarding their privacy.
  • To supply environmentally friendly products in respect of food safety standards, quality standards, and all standards defined by the currents laws, technical specifics and planned production sheets.
  • To periodically and carefully evaluate all done activities in order to reduce as much as possible the impact on the environment (waste sorting; reducing greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles; scheduling the use of production machineries on the base of their energetic consumption and always considering the use of renewable energies; using environmentally friendly raw materials.)
  • To always aim for continuously  improving  the integrated management system, trying to reduce dangerous happenings for the environment safety and accidents at work, using a logical prevention policy, thus reducing workers’ risks on health and aiming for a safe working place.
  • To communicate and promote the company policy to all interested parties through adequate guidelines, in order to promote, share and believe, in the same goals.