Oleificio Coppini Angelo Spa produces different types of olive and seed oils in its own company, selecting quality raw materials and preferring those of Italian origin.

The Management promotes all the necessary actions so that the processes and activities are oriented towards achieving the following objectives in terms of food and product safety, environmental protection, ethical principles and safety in the workplace:

  • Provide a product that complies with contractual standards, needs and expectations of the customer, seeking full satisfaction
  • Establish specific objectives, during the Management Review, for the individual departments involved in product creation, defining the responsibilities and times for their realization
  • To accomplish and maintain the prescribed quality service through the correct use of human resources, means and materials, always aiming for an improving process.
  • Achieve and maintain the prescribed quality of service through the efficient and planned use of human resources, means and materials, in a continuous process of improving company management
  • Measure the performance of quality, respect for the environment and safety in the workplace through control and measurement indices on pre-established objectives and goals
  • Enhance human resources and their professional growth at all levels, through the definition of awareness and training programs
  • Develop “the culture of quality and food safety”, the quality of the site and the involvement and responsibility on environmental protection issues among human resources with specific interventions
  • Give preference to suppliers who ensure products and services that comply as much as possible with food safety, authenticity, quality and environmental requirements
  • Integrate controls and checks into the production process phases to prevent product contamination, comply with health and hygiene standards and preserve the identity and authenticity of the product
  • Act in full compliance with the regulations, the laws in force at national and international level, the legal requirements applicable to the company’s sector of activity and the other provisions that the company subscribes to
  • Support the ethical and safety aspects of workers by engaging in continuous improvement of its system, based on the dictates relating to the provisions of collective agreements and on safety at work while ensuring the protection of the privacy of the workers themselves
  • Provide a product that is based on principles of environmental and ethical sustainability whose requirements respect the standards of safety, product authenticity, quality, and those defined by current legislation, technical specifications, established production schemes and the code of ethics of conduct drawn up
  • Periodically and carefully re-evaluate all the activities carried out in order to reduce the impact of the company’s operations on the environment such as: management of waste, water resources, waste water, emissions into the atmosphere, environmental noise pollution, consumption of raw materials and energy. Cyclically reconsider the planning of the use of production machines by also evaluating their energy consumption and the use of renewable energy, optimizing the use of energy resources, applying the best available technologies (BAT), using raw materials and low-energy materials environmental impact
  • Establish environmental objectives, aware of the impact that the activity carried out can have on the environment and taking into account knowledge of the context in which it operates
  • Bring to the attention of interested parties the studies, research-development and technological innovation initiatives undertaken by the company with particular focus on projects for the evaluation and analysis of the life cycle of its products based on the intended use and expectations of consumers and customers
  • Seek continuous improvement of the integrated management system, in particular by reducing the risk of events harmful to the environment and accidents at work, always operating in a logic of prevention and risk reduction for people’s health and safety on site of work
  • Communicate, spread and promote company policy, within the organization and to all interested parties, through adequate methods of guidance, awareness and motivation, which make the objectives and programs shared.
  • The organization seeks an open dialogue with the public and interested parties, cooperates with public authorities, takes into consideration the requests of interested parties in order to understand the environmental impacts of its activities and manage possible environmental emergency situations. Shares environmental sustainability principles with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders involved in the integrated management system


20/02/2023         CEO APPROVED DOCUMENT