In the past decades we have been focusing making our quality products
known around the world. The Mediterranean area has known for centuries
the benefits and importance of extra virgin olive oil but it’s only lately that
the rest of the world has started having interest on this healthy and peculiar
ingredient, which can enhance any kind of dish and cuisine!
Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and we believe the best
way to achieve it is to ace our techniques on private labeling. This is why
we now offer different kinds of bottles, colors, sizes and formats wishing
to introduce olive oils to your range of private labeled products. You can
now make your choice between extra virgin olive oil, olive oil and olive
pomace oil for your products, or even choose all of them if you like! And
we also offer different options when talking about extra virgin olive oils.
With a few steps you will be able to create the most suitable products
for you! And we will carefully follow your instructions to offer you exactly
what you are looking for!
Let’s start: please pick the products you’d like to add to your own range!


– Unfiltered 100% Italian EVOO (very intense flavor)
– Fruity 100% Italian EVOO (very intense flavor)
– Classico 100% Italian EVOO (intense flavor)
– Classico EU origin EVOO (mild-intense flavor)
– Delicate EU origin EVOO (mild flavor)

We are looking forward to starting cooperating with you!
You can send us your own label design OR you can ask for our label designer to follow your ideas and create the label which suits you the best!
Labels’ color of your choice:
CMYK + metallic color
Black and white

How we print them labels MOQ for glass bottles and PET bottles:
it’s easy! We just consider the quantity of bottles we can load on a 20ft container box.
We will be happy to calculate together the exact number for each size!
Tins MOQ: 3000 tins.
How you pay them through advancedpayment because we want your labelsand tins to be…yours!
We will only stock them for you and use them exclusively for your production!

‘Labels: YOU tell us your idea, WE make it!