1955,June 13th

Mr. Giuseppe Coppini opens the first olive oil company in Terni, Umbria Region (also known as “the green heart of Italy” for its hills full of olive trees). Its 150 sqm warehouse is located in the historical city centre, in Via del Teatro Romano.
Mr. Giuseppe Coppini becomes a well-known businessman for his special skill with the blending work of olive oils: his main purpose is to make an excellent olive oil with a perfect taste.


Mr. Giuseppe passes on the values, the blending expertise, and the passion for this job to his son Angelo Coppini.

Giuseppe Coppini  takes over the “Ditta Oleificio Paradiso”, and it moves to a new location in the central Via Fratini with a new and bigger production area of 600 sqm. Thus the company name becomes “Oleifici Coppini Paradiso di Angelo Coppini”. The new Coppini logo soon becomes a renowned brand of quality olive oils.


Thanks to positive business developments the company is able to move to a new headquarter (unchanged till now) and it changes its name in “Oleificio Coppini Angelo Ditta Individuale”. With this relevant step the company is willing to face the new challenges of the market, with new quality standards and new production technologies.
The new 2.200 sqm factory is based in a whole area of 15.000 sqm into the industrial zone of the town, in Strada di Recentino (Terni).The company goes through a new successful period, thanks to the innovative production devices and the evolution of the marketing strategies.

1994 – 1999

The Oleificio Coppini Angelo starts to be managed by the third generation, under the constant supervision of the President Mr. Angelo Coppini.

Thanks to Micaela’s will to expand the company worldwide, in 1994 the company starts exporting abroad. Nowadays the Coppini olive oils can be found in more than 35 Countries all over the World.
Mr. Angelo Coppini keeps on managing the company with his significant expertise, but in 1999 he hands the blending job to his son Andrea who becomes the new Production Director.
In 1999 the company complies with the HACCP international self-controlling system on foods hygiene (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
In 2001 the company obtains the UNI EN ISO 9002 Certification, that in 2003 will be updated in UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.


The Oleificio Coppini Angelo turns to a Limited Liability Company with a fully paid-up capital of 100.000 Euros, shared among the company partners: Coppini Angelo, Micaela and Andrea.


The Oleificio Coppini Angelo S.r.l. realizes a new production line ideal for the PET bottles, alongside the line of glass bottles. The whole production machines are now able to fill in and package 18000 units/hour.Furthermore the company keeps on investing on communication, launching a new logo and new labels.


Angelo Coppini’s third son, Matteo, gets a quota of the capital of Oleificio Coppini Angelo S.r.l.


The company is involved in a serious commitment to “green” issues, and it makes a further investment of 500.000 Euros for the realization of a photovoltaic plant which generates 185,75 kW of electrical power from solar radiations.


In just 7 years the Oleificio Coppini Angelo S.r.l. turns into a joint-stock company “S.p.A.” with a fully paid-up capital of 1.000.000 Euros, shared among the partners Coppini Angelo, Micaela, Andrea e Matteo.

Taste Coppini Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Savour the taste of life.