Olive oil anh health

Scientific researches keep on confirming Extra Virgin Olive Oil benefits on health


According to some studies, poliphenols contained in Olive oil help to eliminate substances which contribute to the appearance and spreading of cancerous particles. Such thesis is proved by the fact that the number of women affected by cancer is lower in the Mediterranean area than the one in the USA.

Swedish researchers actually state that eating 10grams of olive oil per day can decrease breast cancer by 45%.

Furthermore, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has anti-inflammatory,  soothing and protective properties. It is well-known for its good effects on various parts of the body:

  • On pancreas, since it increases the production of the digestive enzyme.
  • On gallbladder, in charge of the pouring of the gall in the  intestine
  • On the mucous membrane which covers the internal part of both stomach and intestine, with consequential good effects on gastritis and gastric ulcer.
  • On lever, since it increases gall production
  • On skin
  • On nervous system, as a mind challenger

Olive Oil is also:

  • Used as a healer for cuts or sunburns
  • A good nourishment for babies, since it is very similar to the fatty part of breast milk.
  • Very highly digestible, thus allowing a better digestion
  • Helpful for the assuming of vitamins (especially E Vitamin) and calcium
  • Good for protecting the stomach
  • Advised to prevent wrinkles, especially if used during the evening, since it is a skin regenerator.
  • Essential for degenerative illnesses.
  • An energy provider while growing up
  • An actor in gall’s illnesses, increasing its secretion
  • Advised because it provides the organism with the right amount of linoleic acid.
  • A reducer of heart diseases, since it decreases the level of the good cholesterol HDL; it acts to prevent coronary diseases
  • Rich of K, A, E and D Vitamin, protecting the organism
  • Protecting from free radicals and from cellular aging
  • Helpful for bone mineral density and the assimilating of mineral salts
  • Helpful during body massages.

Beauty treatment and body care

Folk medicine often uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil to heal first pathology, such as:


  • Eczema, soreness, itching: delicately massage using Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Acne: add 120 drops of lavender to 300g of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, melting them together. Use this ointment rubbing it on the affected area.
  • Skin reddening: add 15g orange flowers, 15 g rose flower petal and some lemongrass leave to 300g of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and let it rest for 3 days. Use this ointment on the affected zone.



  • Cuts, burnings: mix the same quantity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, white wine and egg white. Use in on the affected area.
  • Otitis: pour 2 drops of warm Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the ear and close it with a cotton flock.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the main ingredient of many beauty treatments and masks


Add 4 spoons of salt water and lemon juice to 250g of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to obtain a perfect tanning oil.


For a hair softener and brighter effect, mix 2 yolks in a glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add it on the hair massaging and wash it away with warm water.


Boil 400g of rice till it almost melts. Add 50g of Extra Virgin olive Oil and mix it well. Rub it on the skin and leave it there for 30 minutes before washing it away with warm water.


Dip fingers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 15 minutes, at least 4 or 5 times per day. Your nail will strengthen and get nourishment.


Thinly grate a potato and add as much Extra Virgin Olive Oil as it weights, then apply on wrinkles.


Use Coppini Extra Virgni Olive Oil through the whole length of your hair and, to increase the effect of such methods, wear a hair cap or wrap you hair in a warm towel, keeping it on your head as long as possible, to soften you hair.


Pour a glass of Coppini Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a locking jar and add 3 spoons of dry sage to it. Lock the jar and let it rest for 2 weeks before filtering it. Use it to massage your body, expecially over the parts of the body which are too dry or in need to be toned up.